Dapperness helps with choosing your first suits – A simple guide to suit picking

The goal of a suit -- for a man who only owns one -- is to be impeccable and appropriate for the few situations it's needed in. 

If your looking to have only one suit, a go to suit or this is your first suit purchases there a certain aspects you should be aware of. You might have just started a job, which requires you to wear a suit. Or your looking for a suit to wear to funerals, suit that you are going to wear to graduations, weddings or any big events. In this case, you want to go with a solid navy or a solid charcoal suit. My personal preference would still be a solid navy. My feeling is that if you change the tie and shirt on a daily basis then one could get away with one navy suit as easily as a charcoal. I believe either charcoal or navy would be great for most events. Second consider the style, either a two or three buttons single-breasted fits 99% of occasions. Many do find that double-breasted suits tend to be a little more formal. It’s not nearly as versatile. That’s why Dapperness recommends going with a single-breasted suit. Also if you only own one suit, it should undoubtedly be a solid fabric (no stripes or checks). It should be 100% wool and medium weight (so you can wear it comfortably in a wide variety of climates and temperatures).

Versatility matters more than unique flair for a one-suit man. If you own 1 or 100 always make sure fit is perfect, so it is very very important to get it tailored!

Dapperness Ted Baker
Dapperness Ted Baker


Need to know - A simple tie knot

It's hard to say who invented the first necktie as today's necktie is a culmination of a gradual change starting from the 18th century. There is a long history of neckwear worn by soldiers, whether as part of a uniform or as a symbol of belonging to a particular group. 

A necktie or simply tie is a long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes around the neck or shoulders, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat.

Some of the reasons people choose to wear a tie can be:

  • it's part of a long tradition.
  • Job requirements.
  • wearing woolen ones in the winter - they keepneck warm.
  • Because they look good.
  • Decorative (you can use a colour and pattern that would be overwhelming if it were a whole shirt or jacket)
  • Status / role indicator (depending on the situation: white collar status, or showing respect)

So, whether you enjoy wearing ties or not, here at Dapperness’s simple life. We found one tie knot that is simple to learn and remember that is worth knowing. If you need one simple tie knot this is your go to, the four in hand knot.

The Four-in-Hand Knot

Named after a 19th Century Gentleman's Club of the same name, it’s a small, slightly asymmetrical knot that is best suited for narrow collars. This is the knot that is appropriate enough to get you by in most situations. Its popularity stems from its simplicity and versatility.

Four-in-Hand Tie Knot Instructions

  • Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end.
  • Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end.
  • Pass the wide end horizontally over the narrow end again.
  • Take the wide end up and through the loop around your neck.
  • Take the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.
Image source - Restart your style

Image source - Restart your style

View a Step-by-step tutorial from our friends at Ties.com. The Four in Hand knot is one the the most popular necktie knots that every man should learn. Learn how to tie the versatile four in hand knot and other tie knots from Ties.com.

Dapperness in a Tech company

Next up in the innovation series is a tech company with Dapperness...no wait its a clothing company. A winner of Deloitte's annual Technology Fast 50 ranking of Canadian tech companies, and Montreal menswear brand and online retailer Frank & Oak is one who has taken the top spot in the past.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak

Their aim is to craft premium, on-trend styles for wherever you're headed - the boardroom, the bar, or brunch. In 2012, Frank + Oak began with an simple goal: helping you dress better, and affordably, via a smart combination of design and technology. 

Dapperness and James Bond

Next up on the innovation series Dapperness will spotlight the Baracuta G9 Jacket. With a long history all the way from Manchester, England. Baracuta has a history of innovation and style which is easy to see when they team up with the likes of James Bond. You can find Bond wearing this jacket on his many missions. 

Baracuta Jacket

Baracuta Jacket

The Baracuta's intrepid G9 jacket is built with technology and dapperness. The shell feels like wool, but is actually made of Technowool, a technical fabric made of laminated blended wool/viscose that guarantees water resistance for up to 3,000 mm water columns. Featuring Baracuta's exclusive quilted Original Fraser Tartan lining and signature flap pockets and collar, it's a great all-weather version of the jacket that was first made famous when it was worn by a certain iconic actor in the '60s.

A blazer with good looks and functionality

In the words of Outlier - One of the dirtiest secrets of the sport coat is that it once was an incredibly functional garment, a jacket made for action and utility. Over the years it couldn't have strayed farther from its roots, the form has ossified into a conservative and constraining garment. Our goal with the 60/30 Blazer is to liberate the blazer from the chains of tradition and create an incredibly useful jacket that you can take anywhere and do anything in. In another instalment from the Innovation series and spotlighting Outlier Dapperness brings you their 60/30 Blazer. 

Outlier 60/30 Blazer

Outlier 60/30 Blazer

As Outlier worked to create the 60/30 Blazer they wanted to take the sport coat to its functional roots with an updated twist by using innovative fabrics. They focused on movement though multiple dimensions. It had to move well on the body, giving a full range of motion. They looked to create a blazer than can travel with the best of us avoiding wrinkles. 


Dapperness and innovation in a Cardigan


A classic shawl collar cardigan, made with natural performance fabric. Going from the outdoors to inside without even breaking a sweat. Looks sharp, feels incredibly soft and stands up to everyday wear in a range of temperatures.

Outlier Cardigan

Outlier Cardigan

Front pockets and a tailored fit finish it off for a classic look. The sweet spot between a sport coat and a hoodie, it's highly versatile and good looking enough to take you just about anywhere.


The original Outlier garment, a classic pant optimized for bike-to-work but wearable anywhere. Freedom of movement meets durability, water resistance and breathability. 

Outlier - OG Classics

Outlier - OG Classics

The OG Cloth is made is the most technical fabric Outlier could piece together. A four-way stretch doubleweave from Schoeller textil in Switzerland that combines incredible comfort with maximum performance with an elegant style. The tightly woven Cordura grade outer face is both rugged and water-resistant. Now we have not tested it but Outlier claims the OG's are also “self-cleaning”. With its NanoSphere treatment it repels everything from wine and coffee to grit and beer, making for a fresher pant you can wear longer and wash less. All with the incredible freedom of movement afforded by a four-way stretch construction. 

At Dapperness we have to admire the style and versatility of this stylish garment.